Congresbury Electrical offer the following services

Any new electrical equipment can be supplied and installed by us. A few specific services are listed below:

House purchase surveys

Buying a house can obviously be a testing time. Quite often sellers have undertaken  DIY electricalwork that is sometimes substandard/dangerous. This can be costly to fix, and really should be sorted by the seller prior to selling. Congresbury Electrical can offer an inspection service that can identify problem-areas and generate a remedial work estimate to bring the house to a salable condition. This could be used to protect you from unforseen costs in the future and provide a means to further negotiate a fair price for your purchase.

LED conversions

The advantages of these modern lighting fittings are obvious. A huge range of different styles, colours, and dimmable brightnesses are now available. Congresbury can advise on the latest product developments and their suitablity for your house.

External lights

A big deterent for burglars, and handy for those dark evenings trying to find your house keys. A huge range is now available, both decorative and for security.

Garage circuits

Obiously very few people put cars in garages any more. Adding power to a garage makes it easy light and install that new chest freezer.

Dimmer switches

Excellent for creating mood lighting, some LED fittings can now be dimmed.

Cooker circuits

Modern cookers can draw alot more electricty that older models. Congresbury Electrical can advise on new purchases in assess your current electrical supply.

Shower circuits

As with cookers, modern shower units are a lot more powerful than showers of old. Chances are you'll need a bigger cable to power your new shower, phone us for advice.

New Consumer units

Due to recent fires caused by faulty wiring, all new consumer units (fuse boxes) need to be made from metal or other flameproof material. Even the hole by which wires enter need to be protected. These units are readily available/cheap and can be fitted to any property. Additional protection can also be included by including RCDs in your home. (in fact building regulations now expect this)

This list is not exhaustive, please give us a call to discuss your requirements.




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